About Us

Inner City Rhythm is a business built on providing families and casual cyclists a fun, healthy cycling experience. We carry a curated selection of bicycles and we are the premier distributor of GoCycle and FSIR brands, both famed for providing the utmost in comfort and mobility with its cutting edge simple, foldable designs – all our clients have to do is learn to ride!

An avid cyclist and entrepreneur, Charles Baey set out to start a business that combined his love for cycling with his passion for exploring greener initiatives in Singapore. Having picked up his first two-wheeler in 1999, Charles noticed how his family bonded over bicycle outings to the park and started taking it up seriously shortly after. Having experienced mountain biking, competitive racing (including triathlons) and road biking, Charles channels over 15 years of experience to Inner City Rhythm today.

Outside of the business sphere, Charles considers cycling to be more than justriding on two wheels. He regularly writes in to the government on promoting cycling as a viable alternative mode of transportation and provides feedback to the Land Transport Authority regarding the use of electric bikes. As a staunch lobbyist to come up with regulated cycling safety standards on Singapore roads, Charles ensures that the range of bicycles at Inner City Rhythm adheres to European compliance standards.

At Inner City Rhythm, cycling is a lifestyle that brings people together. Pop by our store and have a chat with us!



If you are interested to carry our products, do call us at (+65) 6440 0398 or email us at with your full contact details and we will get back to you.