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As the Chinese New Year approaches, we check back on our resolutions to become healthier, to live well and treat ourselves and our environment better. Do you see a change in your lifestyle? Inner City Rhythm hopes to help you improve your lifestyle and live the way you want to!

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Feel the breeze in your hair, the sun against your skin, get a bicycle that suits your lifestyle today! Our selected range of premium bicycles is guaranteed to make you feel on top of your world. Our lightweight folding bikes, sophisticated classic bicycles for the ladies and gentlemen as well as our top of the range Gocycles for those looking for efficient effortless travelling. We have the bicycle that would best fit your need.

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If you have received a similar leaflet in your post, do bring it down on your next visit! If you haven’t, you can save the picture above on your phone and show it to our counter upon purchase for a free gift upon purchases over $350! We hope that this will help motivate you in achieving the lifestyle you dream of!

From all of us at Inner City Rhythm, we wish you a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

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